SecurityIng High Power 10W 1200 Lumens Zoomable LED Flashlight with Adjustable Focus


 LED Flashlights have by now become quite common, and they can come in handy in a variety of uses. This […]

Barbecue Grill Light – Handle-Mount Grill Light


 This is a very well made and versatile attachable LED light. Little LED light are one of the small unheralded […]

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Universal Adjustable Tripod or Monopod Tablet Mount Bracket


 Tablet computers are a very versatile computer platform. They can accomplish nearly everything that the “regular” laptop computers can, but they can be used in many more unconventional ways. However, many of those uses require some extra specialized accessories and […]

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Ivation Universal Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Radio Transmitter Car Kit with USB Adapte


 This is a pretty neat Bluetooth FM transmitter that can come in handy for music listening purposes in your car. Here are some of my observations. Pros: 1. It is very easy to pair up. It took me just a […]

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Kuissential Digital Meat Thermometer and Timer with Probe (Cooking Thermometer)


 I like to cook, but I am still pretty weary of baking and roasting. Even when I follow the recipe and instructions to the letter, more often than not I end up with either undercooked or overcooked dish. This is […]

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Skiva PowerFlow OctoFire (16.8 Amps / 84Watt / Fastest Speed) 8-Port USB Wall Charger / Multi-Port USB Rapid Charger


 As USB charging has become the default charging option for almost all small electronic devices, there has been a proliferation of various charging adapters, power banks and outlets. Most of the gadgets that you buy today come with their own […]

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Vcall Kingmax Multi-Function Micro SD card reader adapter with OTG USB


 This is a very small and effective micro SD card reader. It is not always easy to transfer files from a micro SD card, even onto the mobile devices that have micro SD card slots. Oftentimes those slots are not […]

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Symphonized NXT Premium Genuine Bamboo Wood Bluetooth Portable Speaker


 I have used several small standalone Bluetooth speakers/speakerphones and I am still impressed with the fact that such small devices are able to deliver fairly loud sound. I find them very convenient to use, and a very attractive alternative to […]

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ZITRADES 20W Ultra thin High quality RGB Waterproof IP66 LED FloodLight


 This is a pretty solid outdoors light. It consumes on ly 20 W of power, bust since it is LE it can be pretty bright. I would primarily use it as a spotlight, and definitely avoid staring directly at it. […]

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Extendable Handheld Selfie Monopod for Gopro Hero


 This is a pretty convenient and lightweight camera monopod. It is intended for someone who primarily takes casual snapshots, but who would still appreciate a certain amount of stability for their camera. The included wifi remote mount makes it especially […]