Barbecue Grill Light – Handle-Mount Grill Light

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 11.09.24 AMThis is a very well made and versatile attachable LED light. Little LED light are one of the small unheralded miracles of modern tech world. They provide you with an impressive amount of light from a small, compact source, all while consuming relatively negligible amount of power and releasing hardly any heat. They can be applied for purposes and in situations that you would have previously never considered bringing a light to, like BBQ grill for instance.

This light really is ideal for a large BBQ grill. It can withstand the heat and attaches very easily to the grilling cover handle. It provides you with a very well placed and directed source of light, which can make your twilight and nighttime grilling that much easier.

In addition to its primary use, it can be used for almost any other situation where you can attach a small light ot a beam or a pole. I decided to permanently attach it behind my home entertainment system. I find myself often in a need of small light there when fiddling with all the cables and connections. Most of the time I need to go out of my way to fetch a fleshlight, but that limits me to the use of just one hand. A permanently attached small LED light seems like an ideal fixture to have in such a place. You could also probably use this light as a somewhat awkward bike light, but I haven’t tried using it in such a way myself.

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