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Artificial Intelligence for Humans, Volume 2: Nature-Inspired Algorithms – Book Review

In recent years Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly gone from an obscure academic research field, to an ever more useful […]


Earth System Science: A Very Short Introduction – Book Review

Years ago, while I was still a (precocious) teenager I had been gifted by my late great uncle a copy […]


Darknet – Book Review

Darknet is one of the most interesting and thought provoking sci fi books that I have read in awhile. As […]


Integrated Analytics – Platforms and Principles for Centralizing Your Data – eBook Review

This is another short and to the point ebook from O’reilly media exploring various insights from the current developments in […]

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The Future of Machine Intelligence – eBook Review

I have read several of these short ebooks from O’Reilly Media, and even though most of them are interesting and […]


Getting Analytics Right – eBook Review

Over a relatively short time period, analytics and data-driven decision making in corporate world have gone from obscure topics that […]

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Computer Science: A Very Short Introduction – Book Review

I have been writing code ever since I was a teenager, and these days it’s a major part of my […]


What is Artificial Intelligence? – eBook Review

Thanks to many impressive and rapid advances over the past few years, Artificial Intelligence has come into the spotlight – […]

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Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know – Book Review

This is a very engaging and informative introduction to cybersecurity and cyberwarfare. These topics have been getting a lot of […]

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Water: A Very Short Introduction – Book Review

This is a very well written and informative introduction to our scientific understanding of water. Even though water is one […]