Skiva PowerFlow OctoFire (16.8 Amps / 84Watt / Fastest Speed) 8-Port USB Wall Charger / Multi-Port USB Rapid Charger

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.08.06 PMAs USB charging has become the default charging option for almost all small electronic devices, there has been a proliferation of various charging adapters, power banks and outlets. Most of the gadgets that you buy today come with their own little USB adapter, but the problem arises when you start needing to charge more than one at the same time. I have literally dozens of such devices, and keeping all the chargers and USB cables organized and sorted out is becoming a major headache.

This Skiva charger has a few unique features that distinguish it from all the other chargers that I’ve come across. For starters, it has a whopping eight USB outlets, which is the double of the highest USB charger that I’ve used thus far. Furthermore, each one of the outlets supports 2.1 A current, as opposed to the lower 1 A currents that are more common with the smaller electronic device chargers. The higher current for all practical purposes means faster charging, which is especially relevant these days when mobile batteries have significantly increased in their capacity.

The other very distinguishing feature of this charger is its flat octogonal design. Most other chargers have USB outlets on top of each other. In some ways this is a more compact design. However, in my experience this also means more cable clutter. The spread-out octagonal layout allows you enough spacing between the charging cables and the devices. This can be particularly useful when two or more people need to share the same charging station at the same time.

I’ve tested this charging station with my first generation iPad, iPhone 6 plus, Kindle, and Windows 8 tablet, all charged at the same time. They were all plugged in simultaneously, and they all got charged fairly fast. The octagonal shaped charger is a bit on the large side for my work desk, but other than that I did not have any issues with it. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a fast, convenient charging station for a large number of electronic devices.

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