Cootree Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter


 This is a pretty neat Bluetooth FM transmitter that can come in handy for music listening purposes in your car. […]

Smatree Ajustable GoPro Clamp Mount


 I have been using the Joby GorillaPod tripod for years, and in terms of versatility and flexibility I have not […]

Smatree Battery and Dual Channel Charger Kit for GoPro


 I’ve used these batteries with my GoPro for a few weeks, and so far I have been really pleased with them. They are the exact size and capacity as the battery that comes with my camera, and hence they have […]

OnlyTM Unique Innovative 18 seconds Car Cover


 This is a very impressively designed and made protective car cover. I have tried it out on my Honda CR-V, and I was able to put it on without too much hassle. The only slight issue that I had was […]

Moon Monkey Hard Snap on Case Cover for MacBook


 I really like Apple’s design of their products, and for the most part enjoy using them in their “naked” form. However, if you want to get extra security for your high-tech and extremely valuable gadget, then a protective case is […]

Cootree Portable Car Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Music Streaming Receiver Adapter


 This small and effective device promises to turn your older car’s audio system into a true modern Bluetooth enabled phone calling and music center. After taking it for a test, I can vouch that it certainly delivers on its promise. […]

Cootree Jogger Sports Bluetooth Headset


 I own several over-the-ear bluetooth headphones. Most of them are pretty different in terms of the design from these Cootree headphones. These seem designed for a much more active use, and they are a pretty good headphones set to take […]

Aurum Cables Cat6 25 Ft 2pk


 This Aurum Cables 2 pack cable is a great and inexpensive set of Ethernet cable. They are very flexible and well made. The fastening clips are secure and you don’t have to fret that the cables will easily fall out […]

Smatree® SmaPole S1 All-aluminum alloy 16″-40″ GoPro Handheld Pole


 I am not much into shooting selfies (I’ve taken just a couple so far), but I am a big fan of camera mounts, stands and accessories. I enjoy making unusual and hard-to-pull-off shots. This lightweight and well designed extender pole […]

Manfrotto 015 1/4-Inch-20 Male 20mm Long to 3/8-Inch Female Adapter


 There is really not much to be said about this photography mount adapter: it is solidly built out of a single piece of metal, it screws in tightly at both ends, and it works as it is supposed. It feels […]