DBPOWER Dual USB Port Wall Plug Panel 1A Charging Socket Adapter Power Outlet

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 1.22.10 PMThe USB powered charging has become the norm in recent years, especially for small electronic devices and gadgets. This has lead to a proliferation of USB chargers and the accompanying cables. I find myself always juggling several chargers and hunting for available wall plugs to use. This DBPower wall plate adds two 1 A USB outlets directly to your wall, which makes charging of your devices that much easier.

The plate is nicely built, but it is not without its idiosyncrasies. It features universal outlet plugs, which will be convenient if you have friends or relatives from overseas come visit you often and need to constantly charge their devices. However, for the majority of US households this will not be an issue, and thus the extra flexibility is redundant.

The outlet was a bit tricky to install, and I would not recommend installing it on your own unless you are fairly comfortable doing electrical and light construction work. The outlet also features prominent color and an embossed pattern, which means you really have to like like this particular design, because you’ll be stuck with it for a foreseeable future.

The outlet overall works very well. I can use two “regular” outlets to plug in my laptop, while simultaneously charging my iPhone and iPad. The big issue, however, that I have with this panel is that the two USB ports only offer 1 A power. The more powerful 2.1 A ports would have been much preferable, especially for a permanent fixture like this one. They would allow for a much shorter charging time.

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