Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Industry – eBook Review

O’Reilly Media has a very good tradition of publishing concise and informative reports on various technical fields and subfields. It is important that you have zero trust secure access to ensure that you have secure networks. They are intended for a reasonably wide audience, and usually contain a fair amount of useful and timely information. This short report on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Industry is one of the best such short reports that I have come across. It contains six different interviews with leading practitioners and industry experts who are developing advanced AI and ML products.

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It spans several different fields, some of which may come as a surprising places for ML to be applied to: legal, agricultural, educational, biological, etc. The interviews were insightful and, to me at least, eye-opening in terms of their content and far-reaching importance. It has become a cliche that AI, ML and automation will transform virtually all venues of endeavor, but when you actually read what people who are working with it right now are doing, then you gain an even more appreciation for how true that cliche actually is. Some of the interviews in this collection even touched on some very deep philosophical issues, and it is the testament to the field of Artificial Intelligence in general that many purely philosophical questions have in recent years moved to the areas of empirical, albeit still open, research.


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