Belkin Portable Tablet Stage


 One of the main features of the “post PC” era seems to be the gradual replacement of both laptops and […]

Belkin Apple MFi Certified Lightning to USB ChargeSync Cable


 I am weary of third-party iOS cables and docking stations – most of them are not Apple certified and either […]

Brightech – SCORPION – Car Jump Starter and Battery Charger for Electronics and Mobile Devices


 I have been skeptical about this battery and its ability to jumpstart the car. However, after testing it for a few weeks I am now a believer: It really delivers on its premise. I have not tested it with the […]

G7 Power True Color LED 90 CRI 15 Watt (60W) 835 Lumen BR30 Recessed Light Bulb, Dimmable 3000K Soft White Light


 I’ve been holding off on the LED lighting revolution for a while, since I really didn’t like the quality of light from some early products that I tested. They were also very expensive, which made me even more reluctant to […]

Digital Meat Thermometer


 I don’t often cook meat, and one of the main reasons is probably because it’s very hard for me to gauge how well done it gets while cooking. This large meat thermometer largely leaves out the guesswork and allows you […]

EasyAcc 5600mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S5


 A couple of years ago I decided to get my first Android phone. This was strictly for app and accessory development – I still use iPhone as my primary phone. Now I am on my second Android phone (Galaxy S5), […]

EasyAcc® 2 x 1700 mAh Li-ion Battery for Samsung Galaxy S II


 I’ve used these batteries with my Samsung Galaxy SII for a few weeks, and so far I have been really pleased with them. They are the exact size and capacity as the battery that comes with my phone, and hence […]

Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 Multi-purpose Credit Card Size Pocket Tool


 This is a really cool little emergency portable tool that I love having on me all the time. How useful it is, however, will totally depend on your expectations. This is not a tool that is meant to be used […]

Limm Sport Armband


 I am a workout junkie and I regularly listen to the music on my iPhone while exercising. Unfortunately, smartphones and other portable music players were not exactly designed with the exacting gym environment in mind, and I always fumble to […]

Virtual Reality Google Cardboard


 Ever since I heard of Google Cardboard I was completely fascinated by this incredible simple device. Using just regular cardboard and a few simple off-the-shelf add-ons you can turn your ordinary Android phone into a very credible pair of virtual […]