Beyondtek A-3000 Chiclet Style Key Caps Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

This is a very nice and easy to use computer keyboard. Iy is especially appealing to those of us who […]

CTA Digital Anti-Theft Case with Built-In Stand for iPad Air and iPad 1st-4th generation

I love my iPad, and enjoy working with it in all sorts of places. However, leaving it sitting around is […]

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Okra 10000Mah Auto Ignition Portable Dual Power Bank and Car Jump Starter Kit

I have been skeptical about this battery and its ability to jumpstart the car. However, after testing it for a few weeks I am now a believer: It really delivers on its premise. This has been a pretty brutal winter, […]

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SecurityIng 400 Lumens Mini LED Gun Flashlight

This is a very solidly built light that is easy to use and feels durable. I have used it on my full sized gun, and it attached easily to its attachment rail. The light is very bright, and it provides […]

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Aukey Folio Cover Case Stand with Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (KM-B3 Black)

I’ve had a chance to test and review several different tablet cases over the years. There is usually a tradeoff between build and elegance on one hand, and convenience and portability on the other. This keyboard/case seems to be aiming […]

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AFENDO 2850mAh Rechargeable Extended Battery Case for iPhone 6

Even though the battery capacity of an iPhone has not increased over the years (and has in fact slightly decreased), thanks to the clever design and many iOS improvements iPhones last much longer today than they did when the first […]

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GOODO 6-In-1 Monopod Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick

I am not much into shooting selfies (I’ve taken just a couple so far), but I am a big fan of camera mounts, stands and accessories. I enjoy making unusual and hard-to-pull-off shots. This lightweight and well designed extender pole/monopod […]

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Ultra BRIGHT LED Headlamp (XE Series)

I have owned a small headlight for years, and it had come very handy for my crawl space spelunking expeditions. Compared to that headlight this one compares favorably in every respect: it’s more powerful, versatile and comfortable to wear. The […]

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Streamlight 85175 Lithium Batteries CR123A, 2-Pack

These are very solidly built CR123A batteries. I use mine for an LED flashlight that I have, and so far they have performed as well or better than the batteries that came with that flashlight. The batteries last me a […]

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KingWin Aluminum 6-Port USB 3.0 Hub with 1 Port IQ Smart Charging (KWZ-700)

In my opinion there is no such thing as too many USB ports. I use multiple peripherals, and like being able to plug them in at will without clogging up too much of my computer’s precious real estate. This KingWin […]