Skiva PowerVault Lightning A2600 Ultra-Portable External Battery Pack

There are many external batteries out there that can help you recharge your portable devices, and which one you choose […]

UGREEN Active HDMI to VGA Flat Converter Cable

I love the HDMI standard for audio-video connectivity. HDMI cables and connections are very well made and easy to use. […]

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I’ve received many items over the years in these sorts of envelopes and have been impressed (or frustrated if you will) with how durable and hard to rip they are. I finally decided to buy some of them for the […]

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Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker Hands Free Speakerphone-Blue

I have never been one to enjoy singing in the shower, but I always appreciated being able to listen to the music on the beach. This small and effective portable Bluetooth speaker enables me to partake in both of those […]

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LEGO Creator 31013 Red Thunder

Legos are, IMHO, ideal toys for children of all ages. (Including those of us who continue to cling to our childish side.) They are well made, spur imagination, and can be used in almost an infinite number of ways. All […]

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GoPro Body Mount Bundle by CamKix

This is a very good, high quality, and inexpensive mount bundle for a GoPro camera. It is quality made and on par with the official GoPro branded products, but much less expensive. The head mount is very comfortable and easy […]

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Kootek Bluetooth Headphones Sunglasses

I have several pairs of bluetooth headsets. They are my favorite way of listening to the music on-the-go. Most of them have a pretty decent sound quality, but they are nowhere near the quality of the full-size headphones. One of […]

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Grill Infrared (IR) Thermometer with Laser

Unless you are a professional cook with years of experience, figuring out the right temperature of the items you are cooking can be a bit of a challenge. I usually err on the side of caution, which keeps me and […]

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Senbowe Portable Mini Sports Bluetooth Outdoors Speaker

This is a pretty neatly designed outdoors speaker. It can easily be attached to the front handle of your bike, or even your upper arm. The fit is pretty good, but not the most secure fit that I had come […]

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GorillaPod Video Tripod

If you are like me you’ve found yourself many times in a new location with a great picture or video opportunity and you wished you had a good tripod to use for the increased picture clarity. However, lugging one of […]