Apple Fall Event

It’s that time of the year, when Apple updates its “portable” collection of gadgets. This is the “S” upgrade year, […]

AUDIOMAX Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 On-Ear Headphones

These are very slick looking and affordable on-ear headphones. Overall I am pretty happy with them, but they do have […]

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Laser Distance Measurer

This is a very good and accurate laser distance meter. I have used it around my house and it has been impressively accurate. I have also tested it in my back yard, and it worked well, but beyond about 15 […]

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Onh Amplified indoor 50 mile hdtv antenna

A few years ago I bought a nice new Toshiba flat screen TV. I’ve been cord cutting for years, and I only use it to watch movies, either on my Blu-ray player or via Netflix. The ever-escalating cable subscription costs […]

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Mudder 0.01 Accuracy Pocket Automatic Calibration Digital pH Meter

This is another small useful measuring tool to have around, that until recently would have been too expensive or too unwieldy to use. A pH meter can tell you the acidity of various substances. It can tell you, for instance, […]

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Ivation Portable Sauna: Dual-Temperature Facial Steamer

This is the first steamer that I have used, and I really didn’t know what to expect. However, after just a few days with it I am now a big fan. It is easy to use, and it doesn’t require […]

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Leosense Finger Pulse Oximeter

This is a very nicely made and easy to use device. You just place it on your finger, turn it on, and it can start measuring your oxidation levels, as well as your pulse. Unlike pulse, I have not been […]

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Artificial Intelligence for Humans, Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms – Book Review

In recent years Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly gone from an obscure academic research field, to an ever more useful and ubiquitous applied discipline. We increasingly rely on AI for more and more of our everyday tasks, and whole lines […]

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7W Solar Charger, Poweradd Portable Foldable Solar Panel

Over the past year or so I have gotten quite a few solar panel chargers and stand-alone devices. I have been duly impressed with how far the solar technology has come recently. Solar charging and solar power are now more […]

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KAYO MAXTAR Power Pack High Capacity Battery Pack 13000mAh Power Bank

The bottom line on the Kayo Maxtar battery is this: it works. In the past I’ve tried several different reserve power supplies for my gadgets, and I have had mixed results. However, there is no ambiguity about this battery: it’s […]