NETGEAR Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Range Extender (EX6100)

Over the years the WiFi standard has become very powerful, robust, and far reaching. These days most of my home […]

Kocaso M872s 8-Inch 1GB Tablet

Tablet computers have been one of the most significant development in the world of consumer technology over the last few […]

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A-Audio A02 Legacy Over-Ear Headphone

I am a big fan of good, well designed headphones. I have owned many over the years, and have come to appreciate all of their quality, as well as the intrinsic limitations of any headphones due to the nature of […]

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Bolse 300Mbps Wireless-N USB Network Adapter

I was really happy to get this WiFi USB stick because I have a couple of older or low-power computers that did not come with native WiFi connectivity. The WiFi stick comes with a small CD which contains all the […]

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Steel Screws 1/4″ Tripod Quick Release QR Plate

This is a very well made and durable set of camera tripod/mounting screws. Screws fit tightly and easily into any 1/4″ camera mount screw hole. I’ve used them with my Canon DSLR camera and an aluminum bracket in order to […]

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Cootree Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter

This is a pretty neat Bluetooth FM transmitter that can come in handy for music listening purposes in your car. Here are some of my observations. Pros: 1. It is very easy to pair up. It took me just a […]

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Smatree Ajustable GoPro Clamp Mount

I have been using the Joby GorillaPod tripod for years, and in terms of versatility and flexibility I have not come across anything that comes close for using your cameras in all sorts of unusual situations. However, this Smatree has […]

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Smatree Battery and Dual Channel Charger Kit for GoPro

I’ve used these batteries with my GoPro for a few weeks, and so far I have been really pleased with them. They are the exact size and capacity as the battery that comes with my camera, and hence they have […]

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OnlyTM Unique Innovative 18 seconds Car Cover

This is a very impressively designed and made protective car cover. I have tried it out on my Honda CR-V, and I was able to put it on without too much hassle. The only slight issue that I had was […]

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Moon Monkey Hard Snap on Case Cover for MacBook

I really like Apple’s design of their products, and for the most part enjoy using them in their “naked” form. However, if you want to get extra security for your high-tech and extremely valuable gadget, then a protective case is […]