aLLreli CP00343 8GB Digital Voice Recorder

I have used several dedicated voice recorders, including the very sophisticated and capable Sony recorder. That one works really well, […]

KEDSUM Dimmable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp

LED lights have really revolutionized lighting. They are small, use up very little energy, and don’t become hot. They have […]

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Escolite 46 led waterproof solar motion sensor light

This is exactly the kind of light that I needed for my back house entrance. Our neighborhood is not very well lit, and this lack of lighting is especially pronounced in our back yard. Sometimes I need to go out […]

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Bluetooth E27 LED Light Bulb Speaker – Yellow

This is a very interesting fusion product, and something that I think fills in a particular niche of consumer electronic products. I have several LED light bulbs (I am on my way to completely replace all of the incandescent ones), […]

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Eachine 10000 mAh Power Bank

Eachine 10,000 mAh external battery is one of the more powerful, versatile and reliable external battery that I’ve come across. It has met or exceeded most of my expectations for such a device. I would strongly recommend it as a […]

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BRT New Laptop Battery For HP Pavillion DM1

For three years that I have owned my HP laptop I have been consistently committing the cardinal sin of laptop power management: I have been leaving the battery in my laptop while keeping it plugged in the power supply, which […]

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Rotibox Magnet Bluetooth Sports Headset

I’ve been using stereo Bluetooth headsets for listening to the music in the gym ever since the first such device came out and the mp3 players started including Bluetooth as an option. In my opinion there is absolutely no other […]

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Tektalk Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I love my iPhone and iPad, but when it comes to listening to music and other Audio without the help of headphones, they leave something to be desired. I have several docks, Bluetooth receivers and speakers, but most of them […]

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Kootek DL03 Clip On Eye Care LED Reading Light

LED lights have really revolutionized lighting. They are small, use up very little energy, and don’t become hot. They have been used in flashlights for quite a while, and now they are slowly but surely moving into all the lighting […]

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3D Printing Drawing Pen

One of the coolest technology developments in the recent years is the sudden accessibility and proliferation of the 3D printing technology. 3D printers have come down in price a lot, but they are still just outside the reach of most […]