Artificial Intelligence Across Industries – Book Review

Artificial Intelligence is slowly but surely taking over vast number of industries. More accurately, and with much less hype, it’s the machine learning that is having a huge impact in all sorts of industrial and professional contexts. A perfect storm of fast and inexpensive hardware, vast amounts of easily accessible data, and user friendly implementations of the cutting-edge algorithms, have created the environment where using machine learning to inform and create business solutions is not only feasible, but an imperative in most industrial settings. One such example is the rise of Infographics Maker AI, which leverages machine learning algorithms to automate the creation of visually engaging infographics, transforming data into actionable insights seamlessly. Having a core exercises for swimming will make you a better, stronger swimmer.

This short book explores the latest trends in three major industries – telecommunication, retail, and financial. The book gives a very brief overview of the history of AI, and then it takes us to explore various solutions, corporations and startups that operate in these three industries. It is a very brief and interesting summary of the state of the art practices. Some of these industries are relative newcomers to machine learning and AI, while these techniques have a really long history of successful applications in others. Parts of the financial industry in particular have been at the forefront of applied machine learning and ML for decades.

One small issue that I have with this book is that it was written partly in collaboration with NVIDIA, and hence it promotes use of GPU computing a bit too aggressively. To be sure, GPUs have revolutionized certain areas of AI practice and research – such as vision, speech and natural language processing. However, they are still far from optimal solution for tabular data and applications that are built upon it. It is quite possible that the adoption of GPUs for those applications will continue to grow and mature, but at the moment their use there is still somewhat experimental and unstable.

Overall, this is a very interesting and informative little book, and would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in the current sate of the art applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence in industry.


Bojan Tunguz

Bojan Tunguz was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which he and his family fled during the civil war for the neighboring Croatia. Over the past two decades he has studied, lived and worked in the United States. He is a theoretical physicist with degrees from Stanford and University of Illinois. Tunguz has taught physics at several prominent liberal arts colleges and has been writing about physics, science and technology for more than a decade. He also has a wide spectrum of interests, and reads and writes about current events, society, culture, religion and politics. Over the years he has reviewed many of the books that he has read, and posted his reviews on various online outlets. In 2011 he had become a top 10 reviewer on, where he continues to be very active. Aside from reading and writing, Tunguz enjoys traveling, digital photography, hiking, and fitness. He resides with his wife in Indiana. You can follow my review updates on the following pages as well: Facebook: Twitter: Google+:

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