Foxnovo FP10 10400mAh Lithium Polymer Ultra-thin External Battery


 The bottom line on the Foxnovo FP10 battery is this: it works. In the past I’ve tried several different reserve […]

Youngerbaby 12pcs Cool White Battery Operated Candles Flameless Led Candles


 This past Halloween I had for the first time bought some decorative LED candles, and have ever since been a […]

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Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie in Dark Blue


 I like listening to the music while I go for an occasional walk around my neighborhood. However, during much of the year the weather is too cold where I live and I need to wear a hat of some sort […]

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BTC-808 Bluetooth Keyboard Case Cover for iPad Mini


 iPad is a great device, but its cramped on-screen keyboard leaves a lot to be desired. It works fine for shorter typing excursions (e-mails for instance, short product reviews like this one, etc.), but it’s not meant to be used […]

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Led Lights Headlamp for Hunting & Running


 I have owned a small headlight for years, and it had come very handy for my crawl space spelunking expeditions. Compared to that headlight this one from Intellinotion compares favorably in every respect: it’s more powerful, versatile and comfortable to […]

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DBPOWER Bluetooth Stereo Speaker


 I have used and tested several Bluetooth speakers, and I am still impressed with how far this category of devices has come in recent years. DBPower is definitely one of the better ones in terms of sound quality, especially in […]

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SELFIE WORLD Easy Selfie Stick/Monopod With Built-In Remote Camera Shutter


 I am not much into shooting selfies (I’ve taken just a couple so far), but I am a big fan of camera mounts, stands and accessories. I enjoy making unusual and hard-to-pull-off shots. This lightweight and well designed extender pole/monopod […]

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EasyAcc 6400mAh External Battery


 There is a whole variety of phone chargers and external batteries out there, so it can be confusing deciding on which one to pick. The choice will ultimately come down to your needs. If you spend most of your time […]

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Prefeco QCY QY7 Mini Lightweight Bluetooth Headphones


 I’ve been using stereo Bluetooth headsets for listening to the music in the gym ever since the first such device came out and the mp3 players started including Bluetooth as an option. In my opinion there is absolutely no other […]

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Wikey Mouse Pad


 Even though computer mouses can be used on virtually any surface these days, I am still partial to having a dedicated mouse pad. I’ve used several over the years, from simple plasticky ones to the solid aluminum ones. This Wikey […]