Bluelans High Speed USB 3.0 Hub


 This is a very decent looking, compact and useful mini USB hub. It is meant to effectively add three additional […]

JOTO USB-C 3.1 Type-C Male to Standard USB 3.0 Type A Female OTG Data Cable


 USB C connection is a great evolution of the USB standard. It is small and invertible, which makes easy to […]

Apple MFi Certified Le touch Meuse Lightning to USB 2.0 Cable 4ft/1.2M


 I am weary of third-party iOS cables and docking stations – most of them are not Apple certified and either don’t work properly with your i-device or stop working once Apple makes an upgrade to iOS. From the experience I’ve […]

Wdvalle Men’s Cycling Gloves


 These are very durable, comfortable, and well-built biking gloves. They run a bit on the small side, so I would recommend you get a size larger than you would have otherwise gone for. They are still fairly easy to put […]

S-smart 10000 mAh High Capacity Lithium Polymer Small Bulk Portable External Battery


 This is a pretty solid and durable external battery/power bank. I would strongly recommend it as a travel backup battery for most small smartphones and tablets. It can provide enough backup power to charge your device several times. ***** The […]

Vokul Tactical 4 Reticle Red Dot Open Reflex Sight


 This is really a great value red dot sight at an incredible value. It was very easy to mount on the rifle. Experienced a great improvement in accuracy over the standard rifle sight. It’s easy to calibrate, and it held […]

LEGO Duplo Green Building Plate (15″ X 15″)


 Our two year old has been playing with duplos for well over a year, but only recently has he been exploring making more elaborate objects and constructions. The small plates that he has been using until recently started to prove […]

Dreamwalker – Self Balancing Electric Scooter


  Years ago when Segway first came out, I was really impressed with its technology and its innovative controls. Unfortunately, Segway is a fairly expensive form of personal transportation, and it never really caught on outside some very niche applications […]

SailsON Electronics LED Color Changing Ball Light Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


 I have used several small standalone Bluetooth speakers/speakerphones and I am still impressed with the fact that such small devices are able to deliver fairly loud sound. I find them very convenient to use, and a very attractive alternative to […]

BasicWu Cooking Instant Read Thermometer


 I like to cook, but I am still pretty weary of baking and roasting. Even when I follow the recipe and instructions to the letter, more often than not I end up with either undercooked or overcooked dish. This is […]