LG gram 15Z960 i7 15″ Laptop


 LG gram is a very well built and convenient laptop. It is very lightweight and compact, yet fully featured and […]

Disruptive Possibilities: How Big Data Changes Everything – Book Review


 Big Data is one of the buzz-phrases that has become popular in recent years, especially in tech and business circles. Even […]

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The Master Algorithm – Book Review


 Over the past few years we have witnessed an incredible explosion of interest and application of machine learning. Machine learning has become the predominant computational paradigm, and in short term it has gone from one successful application to another. However, […]

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Raspberry Pi Zero


 The Raspberry Pi foundation has recently launched a new ultra-cheap version of their flagship tiny computer: Raspberry Pi Zero. That costs $5. Yes, five bucks. The computer is a slightly beefed up in terms of processing power compared to the […]

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Materials: A Very Short Introduction – Book Review


 Materials are everywhere. Right now, sitting at my desk, I am surrounded by a variety of typical office objects made out  an almost unfathomable variety of materials: metal, glass, plastic, fiber, ceramics, paper, etc. Our lives, our culture and our civilization […]

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Apple Fall Event


 It’s that time of the year, when Apple updates its “portable” collection of gadgets. This is the “S” upgrade year, so no one is really expecting a totally new set of iPhones. Here is what has been announced. Apple Watch […]

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AUDIOMAX Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 On-Ear Headphones


 These are very slick looking and affordable on-ear headphones. Overall I am pretty happy with them, but they do have their limitations. Here are some of my impressions. **** Sound Quality **** My first impression of the sound quality was […]

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Laser Distance Measurer


 This is a very good and accurate laser distance meter. I have used it around my house and it has been impressively accurate. I have also tested it in my back yard, and it worked well, but beyond about 15 […]

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Onh Amplified indoor 50 mile hdtv antenna


 A few years ago I bought a nice new Toshiba flat screen TV. I’ve been cord cutting for years, and I only use it to watch movies, either on my Blu-ray player or via Netflix. The ever-escalating cable subscription costs […]

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Mudder 0.01 Accuracy Pocket Automatic Calibration Digital pH Meter


 This is another small useful measuring tool to have around, that until recently would have been too expensive or too unwieldy to use. A pH meter can tell you the acidity of various substances. It can tell you, for instance, […]