EasyAcc 6400mAh External Battery


 There is a whole variety of phone chargers and external batteries out there, so it can be confusing deciding on […]

Prefeco QCY QY7 Mini Lightweight Bluetooth Headphones


 I’ve been using stereo Bluetooth headsets for listening to the music in the gym ever since the first such device […]

Wikey Mouse Pad


 Even though computer mouses can be used on virtually any surface these days, I am still partial to having a dedicated mouse pad. I’ve used several over the years, from simple plasticky ones to the solid aluminum ones. This Wikey […]

Hitachi 2TB 64MB Cache 7200RPM 3.5″ SATA 6.0Gb/s Internal Desktop Hard Drive


 This moderately large HDD is intended for use in desktops in situations that require speedy access to large files, such as video, audio and photo manipulation and editing. However, I use it for additional storage in my Windows Home Server. […]

Winegard FlatWave Amped Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna (FL5500Y)


 A couple of years ago I bought a nice new Toshiba flat screen TV. I’ve been cord cutting for years, and I only use it to watch movies, either on my Blu-ray player or via Netflix. The ever-escalating cable subscription […]

XCSOURCE Pro All Metal Camera Tripod Ballhead with Quick Release Plate


 This is a very well built and versatile tripod/monopod ballhead. It is much sturdier and better built than the ballhead that come with my generic tripod. It looks and feels about as good as many brand name ballheads that I’ve […]

LinkS SuperSpeed USB 3.0/2.0 to VGA Adapter for Windows


 This is a decent little cable adapter that allows you to use your USB 3 port to attach an older legacy VGA monitor. I’ve been able to use it to add a second monitor to my old Dell computer, and […]

LinkS Gold Plated DisplayPort to DVI Cable (Adapter)


 This is a very well made cable that helps you connect your DisplayPort enabled computer to some older monitors. The monitor cable standards seem to be changing every few years, and there are now too many possible combinations to keep […]

Blithe 2Pcs 3200mAh Li-ion Batteries for Samsung Galaxy NOTE 3


 I’ve used these batteries with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for a few weeks, and so far I have been really pleased with them. They are the exact size and capacity as the battery that comes with my phone, and […]

Fenix – Portable Wireless Hands-Free Mini Bluetooth Speaker


 I have used several small standalone Bluetooth speakers/speakerphones and I am still impressed with the fact that such small devices are able to deliver fairly loud sound. I find them very convenient to use, and a very attractive alternative to […]