AUSDOM M06 Bluetooth Headphones

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 4.58.44 PMThese are very slick looking and affordable over-the-ear headphones. Overall I am pretty happy with them, but they do have their limitations. Here are some of my impressions.

The headphones fit fairly comfortably and securely on my head, and seem to be capable of giving a good fit for most head sizes. The headband spring mechanism is not as finely balanced as some other “double-headband” designs that I’ve seen, and hence they feel a bit tight. The headphones are well-padded and soft on the ears. They are comfortable enough for several hours worth of music listening, although all over-the-ear headphones that I had ever tested felt uncomfortably hot on my ears after two to three hours. I think this is one of the few advantages that in-ear headphones still have.

I found the sound quality of these headphones to be very pleasing and well balanced. The low notes were rich and filling, while the high ones were pretty crisp and clear sounding. I listened to classical, pop, and some techno music on Pandora with my iPhone, as well as to several iTunes songs that I had. All of them sounded very good. The sound quality is a noticeable, albeit not a dramatic, improvement over the Rokit Bluetooth headphones that I’ve been using. It’s still not as impressive as some other high-end headphones that I had tested, but it’s more than satisfying for my listening needs. I consider myself a casual music listener, and don’t spend an inordinate amount of time listening to music during my day. Nonetheless, I do appreciate high quality sound, and these headphones satisfy my need.

I love the fact that these are Bluetooth wireless headphones. Bluetooth is very convenient when you don’t want to be physically tethered to your audio source, especially since it has a decent amount of range. I’ve been able to use it around the house and it worked fine for me. Connecting the headphones with my iPhone was easy , and I have not had any issues with reconnecting them after the initial pairing. The headphones were also easy to charge, but this will mean that you have to be more cognizant of their battery life than with the regular “passive” headphones.

I really wish that these headphones would be foldable. They don’t come with a rigid carrying case, and a foldable design would greatly improve their portability.

The headphones use “passive” noise canceling, which essentially means that they rely on their shape and cushioning to block external sounds from reaching your ears. This works well enough for my needs, but if noise canceling is a priority for you than you might want to invest in some of the higher end active noise canceling headphones.

I have not used these headphones for phone calling or other activities that require the use of the inbuilt microphone. I am not a big fan of bluetooth phone headsets in general, and in my experience headsets that muffle the sound of your voice are even less than optimal for such purposes. Nonetheless, this is a nice feature to have.

Overall, I really like these headphones and intend to use them as one of my main headphones from now on.

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