Audiofly AF120 In-Ear Headphones

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 3.38.01 PMI’ve used and tested many pairs of in-ear headphones, and these are easily the best such headphones I’ve tried. They are well built, comfortable, and produce an amazing sound. They are no-nonsense headphones without any high-tech frills or bells and whistles, designed for one purpose only – listening to music and other high-quality audio content.

**** Design and Build ****

The first thing you’ll notice about these headphones is their design. They have a very curvy, futuristic look, and feel very durable and well-made. I’ve had them only for a very short period of time, but I expect them to last for many years. The headphones come with a nice soft storage container, which will accommodate the included cables as well. The container is a great option for traveling, but is a bit too large and bulky for casual everyday use.

**** Comfort and Fit ****

These headphones fit better than any in-ear headphones that I’ve ever tested. They are very curvy and their contours can fit very snugly with the outside of your ears. They come with a variety of soft, comfortable silicon tips, and I was able to find a pair of those that fit my needs perfectly. I’ve been using them without any discomfort for two to three hours at a time. Even though the headphones were comfortable to wear for an extended period of time, my ears did eventually start to hurt a bit. This is not something specific to these headphones, but rather a very typical experience I’ve head with all in-ear headphones.

**** Sound Quality ****

I am a big fan of classical music, and high fidelity headphones like these are ideally suited for someone like me who like the subtle nuances and personal touch of a good classical performance. I used these Audiofly headphones to listen to numerous classical stations on Pandora and iTunes Radio, and the experience was richly rewarding. From deep richness of sound of Yo-Yo Ma’s cello, through subtle idiosyncrasies of Alfred Brendel’s interpretation of Beethoven’s sonatas, to whimsical orchestral playfulness of the Peer Gynt Suite, I was transported to the full richness of musical experience.

I’ve also used these headphones to listen to the other genres of music that I enjoy: pop, rock, techno, and alternative. The experience in each case was truly phenomenal. These headphones are really designed with the audiophile in mind, and they perform better than any similar headphones that I had tried.

These headphones also double as monitoring headphones for studio use. They come with a couple of different jack adapters, but I have not been able to try either one of them. I am neither a recording artist nor have I ever been involved in serious audio recording projects, so I cannot really judge how good these headphones are for these purposes. The closest I got was the audio recording for a recent online video that I made. I needed to record some speech for the voice-overs featuring in that video, and for that purpose I had used these headphones for the sound checking purposes together with the high-end USB mic. The headphones were great for this purpose, and I greatly appreciated being able to hear the recorded voice very clearly and without the ambient distortions. I think it really added a lot to the overall quality of the video that I made.

**** Conclusion ****

If you are looking for a pair of straightforward good over-the-ear headphones that are designed with a discerning music lover in mid, then you will not go wrong by getting this Nuforce product, especially at the price that they sell for. They are definitely on par, or even exceed in quality, many of their more famous competitors. They have now become my favorite headphones for the times when I just want to enjoy good music. I highly recommend them.

**** Product provided for review purposes. ****


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