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What is Artificial Intelligence? – eBook Review

Thanks to many impressive and rapid advances over the past few years, Artificial Intelligence has come into the spotlight – […]


Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know – Book Review

This is a very engaging and informative introduction to cybersecurity and cyberwarfare. These topics have been getting a lot of […]


Water: A Very Short Introduction – Book Review

This is a very well written and informative introduction to our scientific understanding of water. Even though water is one […]


LG gram 15Z960 i7 15″ Laptop

LG gram is a very well built and convenient laptop. It is very lightweight and compact, yet fully featured and […]


Disruptive Possibilities: How Big Data Changes Everything – Book Review

Big Data is one of the buzz-phrases that has become popular in recent years, especially in tech and business circles. Even […]


The Master Algorithm – Book Review

Over the past few years we have witnessed an incredible explosion of interest and application of machine learning. Machine learning […]


Raspberry Pi Zero

The Raspberry Pi foundation has recently launched a new ultra-cheap version of their flagship tiny computer: Raspberry Pi Zero. That […]


Materials: A Very Short Introduction – Book Review

Materials are everywhere. Right now, sitting at my desk, I am surrounded by a variety of typical office objects made […]


Apple Fall Event

It’s that time of the year, when Apple updates its “portable” collection of gadgets. This is the “S” upgrade year, […]


AUDIOMAX Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 On-Ear Headphones

These are very slick looking and affordable on-ear headphones. Overall I am pretty happy with them, but they do have […]