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It has taken me a long while to upgrade to OS X Lion. There are many reasons for this, among which were the purported incompatibility of Office 2011 with some Lion features, as well as my lingering fears of essentially wiping out much of my computer’s data during the upgrade process. In the end the update, even though it was not without hiccups, went through relatively smoothly, and now I am one happy Lion camper.

With this edition of OS X Apple has really been trying to synchronize the look and feel between OS X and iOS. The most obvious push in that direction, and the one that users are most likely to notice on a daily basis, is the introduction of “natural scrolling.” Apple is trying to make the feel of scrolling through the web pages on your Mac resemble that of doing the same on an iPad or an iPhone. However, after years of using a particular way of scrolling I felt that there was nothing natural to “natural scrolling.”

After a few months, though, I’ve gotten used to scrolling the natural way. It has become as intuitive as the “traditional” scrolling, and these days I don’t even notice it. Except, that is, when I need to use a Windows computer or an older Mac. There is nothing that can be done about the older Macs, as their update cycles have ceased long time ago, but it is possible that Windows 8 might include some “natural scrolling” options. After all, that version of Redmond’s OS is also supposed to replicate some of the look and feel of Windows phones, so it would not be a long stretch to surmise that they too may opt for the more “natural” look.


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