Rand McNally Intelliroute TND 710 Truck GPS

Over the years I’ve owned and tested many different GPS navigation systems. I’ve owned three different Garmin nuvi devices, two different Magellan navigators, and have recently been using GPS navigation capabilities of my iPhone. Honestly, I don’t know how would I ever get around without a GPS device these days. Even though smartphones have come a long way in terms of providing extremely good GPS navigation experience, there is still no substitute for having a stand-alone device. This is particularly the case for specialized devices, such as this trucker-specific large navigation unit from Rand McNally.

**** Navigation ****

So far I have not had any major issues with navigation. The GPS unit was able to find most trucker-friendly routs in my fairly rural part of the state. Only occasionally I was not sure if it found the shortest route. I still consider Garmin to have the best navigation of all the devices that I’ve tested, but I am not sure if they come with any that are trucker-specific.

**** Build and Design ****

I really like the look and feel of this navigator. It looks slick and modern, and feels well made. It is also very large, the size of some smaller tablet computers, such as Kindle Fire. It feels a bit too big for a car or even a pickup truck, but it fits easily inside a semi’s cabin.

**** Accessories ****

The windshield mount is sturdy and adequate for most windshields. The charger has a very nice long cable, and this too will fit most cabins. The wall charger is useful for charging your GPS navigator away from your vehicle, and it can fully charge your device within and hour or two. You could also charge the device using the included USB cable, which also allows you to connect the navigator with the desktop software.

**** Features ****

As already noted, the main feature of this GPS navigator is the trucking specific routs. In addition to this it also features business tools (virtual dashboard, truck stop locations, timers and logs), state mileage recording, real-time traffic compatibility, and enhanced voice warnings (for sharp curves, steep hills, speed limit changes). All of these features greatly enhance the overall truck-driving experience.

**** Conclusion ****

Overall this is a very functional and well-designed trucking-specific GPS unit. I haven’t had any major issues with it so far, but I still prefer Garmin devices for most navigation tasks. In case you just need a 7-inch GPS navigator without all the trucking extras, then I would also recommend that you check out Magellan RoadMate 9055-LM GPS navigator.


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