Mudder 0.01 Accuracy Pocket Automatic Calibration Digital pH Meter

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 11.37.26 AMThis is another small useful measuring tool to have around, that until recently would have been too expensive or too unwieldy to use. A pH meter can tell you the acidity of various substances. It can tell you, for instance, the difference in acidity between lemonade, apple juice, and milk. Do most of us really need to know these things? No, but it’s still fun thing to know. Plus, if you have a kid who is learning about these things in school, experimenting at home with various liquids can be a fun and educational experience that can help him or her learn faster and with more joy.

The pH meter is very basic in its appearance and design. It’s not exactly the most elegant or durable looking tool you’ll come across. Nonetheless, unless testing pH levels you do for a living, it will get the job done and will probably last you years.

The meter comes with a few dissolvable powder packages that can be used for calibration. However, it was still giving pretty good results even without my own calibration. I tested it on water, lemonade and milk and got pretty much the expected values. It could also be used on, ahem, some bodily fluids, but I am too squeamish to give it a try. But if you are having dietary issues, you might want to use it for those purposes as well.

Overall, a pretty decent product and a fun scientific gadget to have around. Recommended.

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