MAXMADE 600A Peak Current Jump Starter 15000mAh High Capicity Power Bank

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 4.25.24 PMI have been skeptical about this battery and its ability to jumpstart the car. However, after testing it for a few weeks I am now a believer: It really delivers on its premise.

This has been a pretty brutal winter, especially over the past few weeks. A few days ago my car battery died after I had left my car out in a single digit outside temperature for a few hours. I was really frustrated – jump starting your car even in the beast weather is not a fun thing to do, but in a frigid cold of Winter it can be downright nightmarish. I carry a “regular” battery jump starter with me for just these sorts of events, but this time around I decided to test this Maxmade battery instead. Sure enough, I was able to start my car. I didn’t feel that the Maxmade battery was quite as powerful as the “regular” one I had used (and it seems to be mostly drained after just one jump starting), but it was certainly able to deliver on its premise. It now gives me an extra peace of mind to know that I have this alternative solution for jump starting my car in an emergency. That in and of itself makes it a really worthwhile investment. However, it also works as a conventional backup charger for all of your small electronic devices.

I’ve used and tested many external batteries, and at 15,000 mWh Maxmade is one of the larger external batteries that I’ve ever come across. As you would expect from such a device, it can hold a LOT of juice. I’ve tested it with several small and medium electronic devices, which I had previously completely depleted. I was able to fully charge first generation iPad, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 plus and iPad Mini – all from a single charged Maxmade battery and with plenty of leftover charge. I have not tested it with the latest generation iPad Air, but my guess would be that Scorpion would be able to fully charge it a couple of times.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to use this power bank to charge a laptop. I only have Mac laptops, and this battery doesn’t come with the cables and connectors that will enable it to connect to a Mac. This is not just the problem with this battery – Apple is notorious for being very proprietary with their accessory connections, and I don’t think there is an independent battery manufacturer out there with a product that will work with Macs. There are some hacks that will allow you to get around this restriction (you can buy an Apple power cord or appropriate one from your old charger), but all such tricks require certain level of familiarity with electronics and willingness to improvise.

If you have any “regular” PC laptop, chances are that this battery pack will work with it. The battery supports several different voltage outputs (12V, 16V, and 19V) and comes with a gazillion adapters that can fit pretty much any laptop power input that I’ve come across.

This is a beautifully made external battery. It is, as you would expect it, fairly large and heavy, weighing over three pounds.. This may be the ultimate emergency battery that you keep with you in your car, and it comes with a really nice and elegant case. I intend to keep it with me in my car from now on at all times.

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