Autofeel 50” 288W Curved PHILIPS LED Light Bar Flood Spot Combo Beam

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 4.02.21 PMThis is a very impressive light bar that has already made a huge difference for my nightly off-road rides. I can’t imagine going on those rides without this kind of lighting any more.

The light was pretty easy to install. The wiring takes a bit of electrical know-how, so if you are not experienced with this kind of work I would recommend that you take it to a mechanic or an electrician for help. The mounting brackets are really well made and seem extremely durable.

This light is really bright. It’s like bringing a daylight to a dark off-road drives. The curved design really makes the light get more diffused and cover a very wide angle. This is especially valuable if you are driving on windy roads where you can’t anticipate things that are around the corner. The light projects to hundreds of feet.

The light quality is pretty good. This is pretty plain white light. The LED lamps make a huge difference in terms of the power consumption. They are a major improvement over the similar incandescent and halogen lights that I’ve seen and used. Plus, they will likely last you really long time, maybe even longer than you own your vehicle.

Overall, I am really impressed and pleased with this light bar. Highly recommended.

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Bojan Tunguz

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