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LED Safety Light (2-Pack)

LED light is probably the single biggest improvement over the old incandescent light bulbs in years. LED lights are very […]


Orbit Pro Selfie Stick/Monopod

I am not much into shooting selfies (I’ve taken just a couple so far), but I am a big fan […]


Gadity Bluetooth Stereo Receiver

There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers and stereos out there, but if you happen to own a “legacy” stereo that […]


XCSOURCE 5000 Lumen LM LED Bicycle HeadLight HeadLamp 3 X CREE

I have owned a small headlight for years, and it had come very handy for my crawl space spelunking expeditions. […]


RockBirds RB-S350 Ultra-portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

This is a fairly decent generic small Bluetooth speaker. It is compact, user-friendly, and delivers decent sound. The speaker is […]


Innowatt Lightning to USB Sync Charger Data Cable

I am weary of third-party iOS cables and docking stations – most of them are not Apple certified and either […]


XCSource Bluetooth Earphones

I’ve been using stereo Bluetooth headsets for listening to the music in the gym ever since the first such device […]


OAproda Replacement Digital Camera Battery and Charger LPE8 For CANON EOS 550D/600D/650D/700D

I love my Canon T2i DSLR camera, but I constantly have to deal with running out of battery power. Furthermore, […]


OAproda Replacement Ultra Slim Micro USB Camera Battery charger LP-E8 for Canon EOS 550D/600D/650D/700D

Recently I somehow managed to displace the battery charger for my Canon Digital Rebel SLR Camera, and when I contacted […]


ENHANCE GX-M1w Wireless Gaming Mouse with Color Changing LEDs

This is a very well designed, ergonomic, and responsive mouse. You are able to program the sensitivity level from 1200 […]