HUHD Fiber-optical Wireless 2.4ghz Stereo Gaming Headset

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 5.07.40 PMIf you are a serious gamer, then you value having dedicated gaming-only headphones at your disposal. This HUHD Wireless headset is one of the better headsets in that category that I’ve tested. I would strongly recommend them to all but the most discerning gamer/audiophiles. They were pretty impressive in almost every category that I could think of.

**** Fit and Comfort ****

The headphones are fairly large and will fit most ear sizes. They are very soft and comfortable, and they will not start hurting your ears after several hours worth of use. They will also keep their shape, which is a good thing and something that is not a given for all other headphones that I’ve used over the years. The only discomfort that you may experience will be due to the heating of your ears. This may not be a problem if you live in a fairly cold place to begin with, but in the summer this could become an issue.

**** Design ****

The headphones look very modern and stylish. The black headset looks very impressive, and the blue undertones add to its overall look.

**** Microphone ****

The microphone is detachable, which is a good feature to have for all the times when you don’t need it. The microphone is well built, but it perhaps sticks out a bit awkwardly. My voice didn’t come through all that well though – this might perhaps be the weakest aspects of these headphones.

**** Sound Quality ****

The sound coming out of these headphones is very impressive, although not quite at the level of dedicated stand-alone audio-only headphones. Nonetheless, I’ve been using these headphones with my other devices to listen to music and overall I am pretty happy with the kind of audio experience that they provide.

**** Noise Cancellation ****

These headphones use the passive noise-cancelling technology, which means that they solely rely on their shape and build to prevent outside noise from reaching you. The passive noise cancellation is not nearly as effective as the active kind, but for the purposes of these headphones that might be a good thing. This is because in my experience the active noise cancelling headphones also cancel your own voice to some extent, which makes talking extremely weird. So for the gaming headphones you would probably want to be able to hear yourself as clearly as possible.

**** The Wireless ****

These headphones use the 2.4 GHz dedicated wireless dongle instead of the more common Bluetooth standard. This is probably a good thing since in my experience there are more latency/disconnection issues with Bluetooth than the 2.4 GHz standards.

**** Conclusion ****

If you are looking for a solid, serious full-size gaming headset then you don’t have to look any further. This headset will be more than adequate for all of your gaming needs.

**** Product provided for review purposes. ****


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