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Getting_Analytics_RightOver a relatively short time period, analytics and data-driven decision making in corporate world have gone from obscure topics that only the most powerful companies could indulge in, to something that any business regardless of its size must dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to. Unsurprisingly, there have been many books and articles that deal with this trend. However, most of them, even the non-academic ones, deal with very specific domains and techniques, often in predictive modeling and machine learning. The actual work of a professional data scientists in the business world involves solving very practical and oftentimes unglamorous problems of data acquisition, wrangling, and engineering the data pipelines. This short ebook from O’Reilly Media gives one a good flavor of what actually goes on in the business world. It is very timely and insightful. It is well worth reading for anyone who wishes to bolster his understanding of the practical aspects of this important field.


Bojan Tunguz

Bojan Tunguz was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which he and his family fled during the civil war for the neighboring Croatia. Over the past two decades he has studied, lived and worked in the United States. He is a theoretical physicist with degrees from Stanford and University of Illinois. Tunguz has taught physics at several prominent liberal arts colleges and has been writing about physics, science and technology for more than a decade. He also has a wide spectrum of interests, and reads and writes about current events, society, culture, religion and politics. Over the years he has reviewed many of the books that he has read, and posted his reviews on various online outlets. In 2011 he had become a top 10 reviewer on, where he continues to be very active. Aside from reading and writing, Tunguz enjoys traveling, digital photography, hiking, and fitness. He resides with his wife in Indiana. You can follow my review updates on the following pages as well: Facebook: Twitter: Google+:

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