Anker PowerCore 20100 – Ultra High Capacity Power Bank

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.11.27 PMAnker PowerCore 20,000 mAh external battery is one of the most powerful, versatile and reliable external battery that I’ve come across. It has met or exceeded most of my expectations for such a device. I would strongly recommend it as a travel backup battery for most small electronic devices, tablet and netbook computers.

***** The Specs *****

This 20,000 mAh battery has one micro USB input and two USB outputs. The two USB outputs provide 2.4 A of current each. This alone makes it one of the most efficient power banks that I have come across. The specified input charging time is 5-6 hours, and in my own test I’ve verified this to be an accurate estimate. The total number of rechargings is probably on the order of 500 to a 1000, but for obvious reasons I’ve not been able to test this.

***** Battery Capacity *****

At 20,000 mAh this is one of the largest-capacity external batteries that I’ve ever tested. It has enough capacity to charge an iPhone or any similar small electronic device at least seven times. For a less power-hungry device (plain vanilla cell phone, Kindle, etc.) you can expect to get many full charges from this battery. Any one of the USB outputs will be able to charge your device in a two to four hours max. I have tested the charger with iPad Mini, fourth generation Kindle, Kindle Voyage, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5S, and Galaxy S3. It performed more than adequately with all of those devices.

In order to get a good, intuitive feel for the charge capacity of this external battery I subjected it to the “iPad test.” That is, I try charging my first generation iPad form the fully discharged state in order to see how much “juice” am I able to get. iPad is the largest electronic device that I can think of that would still qualify (barely) into the small-electronics category. The verdict: I was able to fully charge my iPad twice without completely depleting the battery. This is the first such battery that I’ve tested that has managed this. It took this battery about two hours to charge the iPad once. This means that you’ll be able to watch several movies on a trans-oceanic flight and still be able to use your iPad when you land.

***** Design and Build *****

The battery sports a slick, cool design, and it looks and feels very modern. It doesn’t feel cheap, and it will definitely not look out of place with the latest and coolest electronic gizmos. It’s fairly heavy, so I’d not recommend carrying it in your pocket, purse or even an iPad case. The specs state that it weighs 12.6 OZ, and after weighing it on my home mail scale I can attest that is correct.

***** The Bottom Line *****

If you are a frequent traveler and carry more than one small electronic device with you all the time, or tend to go on longer trips to places without an easy access to a wall outlet (camping, long flights) then this charger is a must for you. It will keep all of your devices charged for a reasonably long periods of time, and it will give you a peace of mind that you’ll never be in a situation where you run out of power. Anker battery is compact and durable, and it will serve well all of your portable charging needs. On the other hand if you don’t need to carry too many devices, or your devices are on the small side, then I’d recommend that you check out some smaller capacity (5,000 mAh or below) power banks. I find those to be more than sufficient for most of my traveling needs.

**** Product provided for review purposes. ****


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